Peninsula HS Parent's Club

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General Membership Meeting!

We will be holding our semi-annual general membership meeting on the evening of October 17th. Starting promptly at 6:30 PM at The Float in Purdy, you are all welcome to come and join us. We look forward to sharing our accomplishments and future plans with you all! RSVP link below, please let us know that you are coming so that we can assure you a seat!

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Volunteers Needed!

The PHS Parents Club is in need of volunteers! Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering on the Board of Directors or in the general membership.


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Activities and Information

The Board of Directors is working on revamping the finances for all groups in the VPO. Our goal is to be able to provide up to date account balance and transaction information to all. We are also reviewing and preparing amendments to the bylaws.

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Our Mission

  Peninsula High School Parents Club is dedicated to shaping our student's lives by encouraging smart growth and optimal change throughout our campus. We work toward providing support & funding to all aspects benefiting our students. We strive to maintain an open door policy with all meetings, activities and fundraisers. All parents with a student at PHS are considered members. We engage in transparency and would love for you to participate in our organization.

President's Statement

  In rememberance of the victims and the heroes who died on 9/11, as well as their families, we express our sadness. Never will you be forgotten . . .

  Following the most recent general membership meeting, the following persons were nomintated and have been elected to the BOD:

  • AJ Montgomery - President
  • Cheryl Graf - Vice President
  • Heather Huffer - Treasurer
  • VACANT - Secretary

  The newly established BOD has set a priority on revamping the management of finances for the organization and the groups in which are participating. We will be working with our financial institution to discover and implement best practices for our organization, facilitating increased visibility into finances of the organization and participating groups as well as improving accuracy and timeliness in handling of finances. Please visit our website as we will be updating our efforts and sharing our successes here!

  I am happy to announce that our organization has decided to rebrand ourselves. While officially, we will remain named "Peninsula High School Volunteer Parents Organization", we will refer to ourselves as the "Peninsula High School Parents Club". We see ourselves as a dynamic, energetic club of concerned and willing parents. We will engage in activities that not only raise funds in support of our children, but offer us an enjoyable forum in which to accomplish those efforts! We want to have fun supporting our children!