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Volunteers Needed!

The PHS Parents Club is in need of volunteers! Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering. We are in need of assistance on the committee to investigate procuring a gambling license as well as general fund raising for the organization. Please contact us to lend much needed assistance!

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Our Mission

  Peninsula High School Parents Club is dedicated to shaping our student's lives by encouraging smart growth and optimal change throughout our campus. We work toward providing support & funding to all aspects benefiting our students. We strive to maintain an open door policy with all meetings, activities and fundraisers. All parents/guardians with a student at PHS are considered members. We engage in transparency and would love for you to participate in our organization.

President's Statement

  We are in need of a volunteer to take on the role of treasurer. Our current treasurer's tenure is up at the end of June and she will not be seeking reelection. If you or someone you know has the time and desire to help us in this role, please reach out to us! We would like to have a smooth transition and turnover.

  I am happy to anmounce that the Board of Directors has completed the application process with the State Gambling Commission and has been approved for a Raffle License, effective Dec. 24, 2019.
  Instructions for booster groups will soon be communicated. All raffles organized by boosters must be reported.